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KIPLIN HALL had 13 owners spanning 10 generations from the original builder George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, via the Crowes and the Carpenters to Bridget Talbot, who bequeathed it to the present Trust in 1971. Yet it was only sold once, in 1722, and even then the buyer Christopher Crowe was the seller’s step-father. All other owners inherited the estate, as set out in this chart of the KIPLIN OWNERS

With the Hall’s own documentary records as an invaluable starting point, volunteers over the years have searched the County Records Office, records at other country houses owned by the families’ relatives, birth/marriage/death certificates from Victorian times, and (crucially) the internet. In recent years several living family descendants, especially American Calverts, have submitted their own additions to our database as well – and we are most grateful to them. For reasons of data privacy, however, our records exclude all living persons.

There are several PDF family tree charts for each family, accessed via the links on the individual family pages. The number prefix for each name counts the generations backwards or forwards from the starting individual, so that everyone with the same number is in the same generation.

NB The records on this website are published in good faith, but are not authoritative or complete. If you think your own family tree has direct links into our charts please contact the Hall. We are always pleased to hear about errors or omissions.

Dawn Webster, Kiplin’s Curator from 2000 until her retirement in 2018, has also recorded a series of brief videos about
the history of the Hall and its owning families on YouTube at A Kiplin Hall Treasury

The initial funding to set up this Kiplin History website was donated by The Friends of Kiplin Hall, July 2019.

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