Kiplin Hall Vector

The Carpenter and Delaval family

The Carpenters had land in Herefordshire and became barons and earls because of their military prowess. George Carpenter, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnel, married into the Delaval family of Northumberland.  His nephew, John Delaval Carpenter, 4th Earl (1790-1853), married Sarah Crowe and became joint owner of Kiplin.  He was so proud of his direct descent from King John that he commissioned 28 stained glass heraldic designs for the library windows at Kiplin to illustrate his heritage.

Several of the original portraits displayed at Kiplin are of Carpenter family members.

The early Carpenters from 1219
Descendants of George Carpenter, 1st Earl of Tyrconnel
Ancestors of Sarah Hussey Delaval