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Talbot Family

The Talbots claim direct descent from Richard Talbot, born in Normandy in 1045, who came over with the Conqueror. Their most distinguished member (in the face of much competition) was probably John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury (c.1390-1453), who fought against Joan of Arc and is a significant character in Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 1.

Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot (1803-68), already 2nd Earl Talbot in his own right, claimed the vacant Earldom of Shrewsbury in a case heard by the House of Lords in 1858. He was able to prove that he was the 8th cousin of the 17th Earl, who had recently died childless aged only 23. He thus became the 18th Earl and the premier Earl of England. The last 3 private owners of Kiplin were his second son Walter and then two of his granddaughters, Sarah and Bridget.

The early Talbots from 1045
Descendants of John Talbot from 1485
Bridget Talbot’s family tree